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Strategic Advertising

In a sport match when you know your team well the chance to win is %50, when you know the opponent team the chance is another 50%. This means the chance to increase to %100 requires cognition of both teams. Gravitix Full Service Advertising Agency does not start any advertising project unless your product and its service to society is fully cognized. The people who receive the service should be studied as well. We need to be aware of the goal of advertising although we do not advertise for that goal, we work for more than that. Great ideas, scientific strategies, creativity, honesty, above-the-line ATL and below-the-line BTL media, digital marketing solutions and the combination of artists in Gravitix, have enabled us achieving our recent key successes for both the local and overseas brands. This is a result of our smart team and our clever clients. Our guideline is to study the product and its service, to design and arrange the 360 degree campaign and strategic compositions and to produce television and radio advertisements.

Marketing & Branding

The Marketing and Branding Strategies

The importance of strategic thinking is obvious to all the leaders who intend to take control over their future and their brand.The strategy is the way to the goal achievement determined by the prospect. So all the efforts are defined and made by the organisation to be focused around that.Gravitix Full Service Advertising Agency claims to have a unique methodology innovated for the development of potential brands. It is presumed that you as the brand owners will move in your brand’s future from the moment you implement this model. Consequently and based on the scientific and creative methods, the opportunities are gained one choice after another to hit the future that you have dreamed for.

The marketing strategies and branding team forms an understanding of what has not yet been shaped. The leaders who own the predictive power are not down with alterations but they survive and even become the genesis of new changes.
Based on this methodology, the brand future is created first. After conducting environmental and inter-organisational research and also the analysis of the data obtained from market research and brand audiences, the goals and strategies of the organisation are defined based on the strengths and weaknesses as well as the threats and opportunities.
The next step is to determine the targeted audiences and to deliver the marketing solutions in four categories of product, pricing, distribution and communication on the basis of obtained data analysis. Subsequently, the organisational identity of the created brand is introduced to the audiences with an accurate plan through the IMC campaign so based on a consistently communal programme.


Advertising Idea Formation

Your brand’s solid future is your goal and the scariest part to your competitors. Our creative professionals’ team has the ability to achieve the desired future with their great ideas. We might not be able to read your mind but we have the ability to understand what you need as well as your customers. Your request is processed in the creativity room, with creating a great idea and based on strategy to a clear pathway. This creative idea will be delivered to the composition and graphic studio team. The composition team creates the name, slogan, context and the scenario. The graphic studio hands the brand image over to the brand manager with the maximum visualisation. The brand manager Looks ahead to the created future and considers the share point of you and your customer to prepare a service which your strategy influences your customers.Gravitix idea formation team works beyond imagination; accurately, effectively and strategically.

Graphic Design

Mixture of Creativity and Art

The mission of visual idea formers and graphic studio is utilising the creative mind to provide different, attractive and strategic outputs. You must have faced a billboard, brochure, catalogue or a printed advertisement in a newspaper or magazine fascinated you. Our commitment is to work out such quality in Gravitix agency. Have a look at examples of graphic studio productions:


Power of the Context

With a powerful context body and banner; an ordinary art work becomes an extraordinary advertising project that is successful. But a good advertising art work does not influence without a strong context. At Gravitix department of context formation the commitment is to create effective and innovative textual ideas.

Marketing and Branding Consultancy

The powerful blast off of the brand / Authentic Branding

We are named a great company not only due to our innovative method of authentic branding, or just because of creation and development of the well-known brands nationally, nor only due to our global ranking or approval from the branding world masters. We are great since we plan for a great future. With the brand owners together, we are creating astonishing ideas and making a future.

You need to be aware of your position as well as your competitors’ – direct and indirect – and the market activities. The strategy department of Gravitix full service Advertising Agency is the unit you will get help from. What new product or service should we offer? What kind of name, shape and packaging should be included? How should your brands architecture be built? Which and when media should be presented to gain the highest efficiency with the lowest cost? How can we make the best and most influential radio and television commercial TVC? All these questions are answered at Gravitix strategy’s department.

Brand Care

Brand Growth

Your brand is a living organism that needs constant care and attention. The more you look after the brand the better it grows. According to our years of experience, attention to brand care is a more important step than creating it. ” Gravitix ” professionals are committed to protect your brand and to control its growth chart.

Strategy Design of 360 Degree Advertising Campaigns

Campaign Composition

What message do you want to send? To whom you want to say it to? When is the suitable time? What is the purpose behind this message? What is our budget? How to be more effective when sending our message? Strategy design and advertising campaign composition are handled via a professional team of market researcher, idea generator, brand strategist, graphic designer, internet specialist and media expert. Full campaigns are commonly called the “360 degree”. Not necessarily any campaign should be a 360 degree one, however, this process helps the campaign composition be more accurate scientific

Brand Promotion

The Secret of Open Eyes

The most enjoyable part of advertising is to see the eyes of audiences when we send our advertising messages, perhaps this is the reason of the dramatic and wonderful impact of this method. With this method, your product or service meet at the heart of the consumer. Simply, the leading services of BTL in sale and brand promotion are the tools to enable the producers and service providers with a one to one introduction.


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